Save Indians

Project Safe Water for Safer Tomorrow

The Intent

Save Indian’s one of the focus areas is to provide safe drinking water for economically downtrodden areas, communities, localities, etc. “Safe Water for Safer Tomorrow”. We aim to provide protected water plants for public use. We believe that such a facility will solve a lot of health issues among vulnerable communities. We also trust that a safe water supply is the mainstay of a healthy economy. This is one of the key issues globally.  

The Situation

As per UNICEF data, many waterborne diseases are causing more than the US$ 600 million economic burden every year in India. More than one-third of the nation is suffering from a lack of access to safe water due to extreme drought or heavy floods. Less than 50% of the Indian population only has access to safely managed drinking water. More than 10 million people across 19 states in India are affected by excess fluoride in water. Close to 700 districts in India are affected by extreme water depletion.

The Factors

There are several reasons for the lack of safe drinking water in India. A few of the reasons are:

  • Lack of planning for water safety and security.
  • Excess usage of plastic bags and bottles which is leading to pollution of water bodies.
  • Proliferation of drilling over the past few decades without any monitoring and control
  • Ever-growing population and reduction of forest and greenery.
  • People lack a sense of ownership and maintenance of water sources and systems.
  • Many citizens demand a free-of-cost supply of water from the government. But in reality, is not financially sustainable.
  • People earlier were accessing water through wells and bore-wells are now demanding piped connections even in rural areas.

Hence, many households and communities across the country are unable to access the protected water and suffer a lot.

The Initiative

To provide a sustainable solution to this ever-increasing issue, Save Indians Foundation has adopted the social project “Safe Water for Safer Tomorrow” and initiated the following social campaigns and activities to mitigate the problem:

  • Organizing awareness campaigns to stop using plastic and throwing them into water bodies.
  • Installing Mineral Water Plants and RO Purification Systems based on the public need and utilization and helping for regular upkeep of such water plants.
  • Initiating the Green Projects and conducting Plantation Drives.
  • Supporting Groundwater Harvesting projects.
  • Constructing/repairing public wells, bore wells, and hand pumps.
  • Organizing awareness programs to Save Water.

How is Save Indian different?

Save Indian is focused to spread awareness, building community water supply systems, and organizing events to enable safe drinking water facilities for citizens. Our cohesive efforts are channelized to provide protected water to all needed individuals and communities. Click  donate and become a part of the Safe Water for Safer Tomorrow project!