Save Indians

Project Acting as Change Agent for Girl Child Education.

The Intent

Save Indian’s flagship social project is “Acting as Change Agent for Girl Child Education”. We wish to advocate the right to better education for all girl children in India. At Save Indians, we strongly believe that girl children’s education brings a significant change in civil society and empowers them for a better life.

The Situation

As per the 2011 Census, the total literacy rate in India stands at 74.00 percent and the rate of literacy among women is only 65.46 percent. According to the recent national data records, the dropout rate for girls at the elementary level is 4.10% which increases to 16.88% at the secondary level. These figures are considerably higher for girls from vulnerable groups such as 19.05% for SC (Scheduled Castes and 24.4% for Scheduled Tribe groups [Source: Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE), 2015-16].

The Factors

There are many factors inhibiting Female Literacy in India. Some of them are:

  • Gender-based inequality, especially parental attitude towards girl’s education
  • Social discrimination and economic exploitation
  • Occupation of girl child in domestic chores
  • Marriage at an early age
  • Low enrolment of girls in schools and low retention rate and high dropout rate
  • Safety concerns at schools and improper infrastructure at schools
  • The distance between home and school
  • Lack of affordable sanitary napkins and absence of separate and functional toilets

Due to all these reasons, many teenage girls tend to become irregular to school and drop out before completing their schooling.

The Initiative

To address these burgeoning issues, Save Indians Foundation has espoused the social project “Acting as Change Agent for Girl Child Education” and earmarked the following social campaigns and activities for the same:

  • Conducting awareness campaigns for parents in village/Mandal/district level on Girl Child Education
  • Donating Sanitary Napkins to school and college-going girls and creating awareness on period hygiene
  • Constructing/repairing secured toilets for girl children in schools
  • Sponsoring the education of girl children in schools
  • Donating educational kits to girl children
  • Providing access to better nutrition, and healthcare for girl children

How is Save Indian’s different?

Save Indian’s is fully determined to bring sustainable change in the domain of Girl Child Education in India using various results-driven projects and campaigns. Through the comprehensive approach, we want to enhance the enrolment and sustenance of girl children in school education. Click  donate and become a part of Project Acting as Change Agent for Girl Child Education.