Save Indians

Project : Empower Women in Poverty

The Intent

Save Indian’s strongly believes that women’s empowerment is the real change agent in civil society. When women are supported, skilled, motivated, and made to start their sustainable livelihood, their families get empowered. With such empowered women-centric families, society in particular and the nation, in general, will flourish with economic progress. Towards that goal, Save Indians Foundation has taken up the social project “Empower Women in Poverty”.

The Situation

The Indian Constitution has given utmost priority to gender equality in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, and Directive Principles. The Constitution also directs the States to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favor of women. Women comprise around 50% of the country’s population. Census 2011 shows that the total number of female workers in India is 149.8 million. According to Periodical Labor Force Survey (PLFS) for the year 2020, female participation in work/labor is only 22.2 percent whereas male participation is 56.8 percent.

The Factors

There are several factors hindering women from regular work. Some of them are:

  • Prevailing gender discrimination discouraging women from employment.
  • Lack of awareness of financial independence for women.
  • Discouraging situation in families for women to go out, work, and earn.
  • Lack of access to basic education and skill development facilities.
  • Many women get married early, give birth to children, and get busy with household responsibilities.
  • Lack of child care is forcing women to stay at home to look after children and stop working.
  • Dearth of awareness of State and Central Governments’ policies and schemes for women empowerment.

Therefore, the majority of women in India are kept away from regular work and do not earn a livelihood for the family.

The Initiative

To offer an effective solution to this issue, Save Indians Foundation has embraced the social project “Empower Women in Poverty” and planned the following social campaigns and activities to alleviate the problem:

  • Organizing awareness campaigns in rural areas and urban slums regarding the importance of women’s employment.
  • Conducting adult literacy programs and spreading wisdom among economically backward women.
  • Conceptualizing and training women in poverty with employment generating skill development programs.
  • Donating related machinery, tools, equipment, and systems, and encouraging women to start livelihood earning small-scale entrepreneurial ventures.

How is Save Indian’s different?

Save Indian’s is dedicated to bringing awareness, organizing skill development programs, and sponsoring machinery and tools for women to start small-scale ventures. Because we firmly consider that empowered women are indeed the torchbearers of the nation’s progress. Click  donate and become a part of the Project empower women in poverty