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Sustainable Growth

We act as the change agent in their destiny, and enable them towards positive progress…

Volunteers to Vouch

Come together with us now to bring a big impact. Join our wide network of volunteers and participate…

Solution based Service

Need-based services blended with compassion,to inspire all the beneficiaries for transformation…


Save Indians Foundation is an internationally reputed social enterprise and crowdfunding platform initiated in India.

Results-driven Projects

All our social projects are designed with care.  They address the issues, and provide remedies…

Support Orphan Children and bring back their smiles : )

Save Indian’s Mission

Safer Environment
Girl Education
Women Empowerment
Safe Water

Food & Water Charity

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Save Indians Foundation aims to help underprivileged individuals, groups, and communities, towards sustainable progress, become a change agent in their transformation and rewrite their growth story.   


Save Indians Foundation firmly intends to support women, girls, orphans, and disadvantaged communities with results-driven social projects and drive them towards economic progress, social growth, enhanced lifestyles, and change their destinies. To accomplish our intent, we adopted the following mission objectives:

  • Executing each project with positive results for the targeted beneficiaries.
  • Maintaining the utmost transparency in budgeting and spending the funds for the projects.
  • Enabling individuals and social organizations for hassle-free fundraising for their projects.
  • Supplementing the social projects with unique campaigns to generate awareness and create a sense of responsibility among stakeholders.
  • Encouraging donors, volunteers, and social organizations to work closely and bring positive change in the lives of beneficiaries.

Track Every Rupee/Dollar

All our projects are genuine. We also track the funds raised by individuals and social organizations for their projects for effective utilization.

Tiny Steps for Mighty Change

Small is not simple. When many small efforts are combined, it can turn into a great movement. We are open for volunteers to come forward and join us.

See the Quantified Impact

We share detailed dashboards, insights, and outcomes of each project with our valued donors from time to time.

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Why We Need You


Save Indians Foundation has the compassion to solve the socio-economic problems of beneficiaries.


The hard-earned money, when you donate reaches the targeted beneficiaries safely without any fraud or misuse.


You too can join us, participate in the implementation of social projects and get immense satisfaction.

How your fund flows?

Save Indians Foundation maintains total transparency on collected funds and fund spending for all our flagship social projects.


Each rupee/dollar you donate is utilized to bring a big impact on the lives of beneficiaries.


Being loved in home is everyone's dream.

Save Indians Foundation is working towards supporting orphans in India by establishing orphanages and extending a helping hand to existing orphanages. Thus, we have taken up the social project “Establish Orphanages for Better Care”.

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what`s new

Read Our Latest News