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The Gender Equality Is everyone’s Duty

Considering Girl Children as a liability, a burden, or a mere instrument for labor – are some of the age-old discriminations. As our ancient scripture says “Where women are worshipped and respected, there live divine powers”, the need of the hour is to break this age-old barrier that is stopping the dreams of many girls/women to achieve what they want in life. We organize a series of seminars, sensitization programs, school/college level competitions, poster-making contests, etc. to generate awareness.   


An Appeal to bring the Zeal with Meals

A social campaign to urge the general public to donate generously to Food Donation Programs for Orphanages. Today, millions of orphans starving across India without any proper care. With such campaigns, we wish to involve more people in support of orphans. The main objective of this campaign is to turn each helping hand to quench the hunger of many starving orphans. We work with volunteers, like-minded NGOs, and individual donors to raise funds in support of the program.

Women empowerment

Lift Women in Poverty

A campaign that engages youth, especially school children and college students to come up with creative posters, paintings, and short films on alleviating women in poverty. Using this campaign young generation in the society is sensitized to the importance of women’s empowerment creatively. Best short films and posters will be given awards and rewards. Special Art Shows can be organized with these paintings and auctioned. The raised money will be spent on Women’s Empowerment Projects.


Sponsor a Shelter Home

Save Indians Foundation wishes to establish Orphanages and provide foster care to neglected and abandoned children on the street. We make appeals and proposals with high-net-worth individuals (HNI) and organizational donors to sponsor Shelter Homes. We build orphanages with all amenities, and facilities and arrange regular maintenance to upkeep the orphanages. These shelter homes can provide rehabilitation to orphans within their vicinity.


Gift Education

Donate School Kits

Power their Dreams

Many families in rural and urban areas are unable to provide proper education to their children. For such families, even buying educational supplies is also a big burden. We tie up with individual donors and organizational supporters and donate educational kits including essential things such as textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, geometry boxes, stationery sheets, school bags, uniforms, etc. to school-going children.


Will Technology Feed a Warming World?

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